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Women’s Recognition Awards Finalist

Lisa Stones, Operations Director at Mortgage 1st named as a Finalist in the Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards 2023.

In the world of finance, where traditionally male-dominated roles have often overshadowed the contributions of women, it’s heartening to see the recognition and celebration of women’s achievements. One such celebration is the Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards, an event that highlights the incredible talent and accomplishments of women in the financial industry.

Breaking Down Barriers

The financial sector, like many other industries, has grappled with gender disparities for decades. Women have had to overcome a series of obstacles to reach senior positions and gain recognition for their contributions. The Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards serve as a testament to the progress made and a reminder that we must continue to break down barriers that limit gender equality in finance.

To be nominated and then selected as a finalist was an incredible moment for our Operations Director, Lisa Stones. It was validation that her hard work and contributions were not only recognized but also celebrated. Being a finalist in the Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards was not just a personal achievement for Lisa and Mortgage 1st; it was a recognition of the many talented women in finance who deserve to be acknowledged for their outstanding work.

The Significance of Recognition

Recognition, especially in a highly competitive field like finance, is more than just a pat on the back. It is a powerful tool for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When women’s achievements are acknowledged, it sends a clear message that gender should not be a barrier to success in the financial world. It inspires more women to pursue careers in finance and offers a role model for the next generation.

At Mortgage 1st we encourage and champion women to achieve and progress in their careers. We strive for an equal work force with men and women in all roles across all departments.

Challenges Women Face in Finance

The financial industry is known for its demanding nature, and women often face unique challenges. These challenges can include unequal pay, a lack of female role models, and limited opportunities for advancement. However, the tide is turning as more and more organisations are actively working to address these issues. The Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards are a testament to this progress, shining a light on the incredible women who are leading the way

The Financial Reporter Women’s Recognition Awards are a beacon of hope in an industry that has often struggled with gender equality. They celebrate the achievements of women in finance, inspire the next generation, and challenge the status quo. As a finalist in these awards, I am not only proud of my own accomplishments but also excited about the bright future of finance, where women continue to rise and make their mark. Together, we can shatter the glass ceiling and usher in a new era of diversity and inclusion in the financial world.

Congratulations to Lisa for being named as a Finalist in the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Best Leadership Category.