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Financial Lessons in Schools


Throughout October members of the Mortgage 1st team have delivered our Future Financial Planning lesson to 6 classes of year 9 students.

These students are beginning to think about their future careers and our lesson on mortgages and financial implications sits perfectly alongside the other financial and personal development lessons they are having this term about wages, credit, budgeting and savings.

The Mortgage 1st Future Financial Planning lesson was written by Operations Director Lisa Stones and was delivered for the first time last year to over 150 year 9 students.

“When I as at secondary school, I remember a bank visiting and talking to us about opening a bank account, but that was it, there were no lessons about ‘real life’ finances or managing money. Its something I’m very passionate about so during the lockdowns last year I set about writing a lesson. With the involvement of our local secondary school we are now in our second year of delivering these lessons after being invited back. Even if just 1 student remembers something I’ve said and it helps them in the future financially then its all been worthwhile!”

Lisa Stones, Operations Director

The lesson involves discussions around what is a mortgage and average house prices across the UK, which always gets the students attention when they realise how much houses actually cost! We then go onto calculating the cost of a mortgage using different salaries and deposits and what really brings all the discussions to life is when we look at a real house that is for sale currently just down the road from the school.

The feedback from the students, teachers and headmaster has been fantastic, they thought the lessons were valuable, engaging and exactly the type of things that should be taught in schools. We have since been recommended to a number of other local schools and colleges and are excited by the opportunity to be able to deliver the lessons to even more students over the coming years.

With thanks to Shirebrook Academy for inviting us into your school and we look forward to retuning again next year.

If you work within a secondary school, academy or college and are interested in these future financial planning lessons contact lisa@mortgage1st.co.uk for more information.